High quality wood in short lengths Made in Knäred


Knäredssågen wants to promote a sustainable development that´s good for both the environment and the employees. We want to limit the burden on the environment as far as is reasonably possible.

Knäredssågens only raw product is spruce. Today we have an average transport distance on 1,3km/m3fub. The byproducts go to our own pellet production, heating of our own facilities among other things.

To fulfil the requirements of the Environmental Code a self-check is conducted. This shall be characterized by preventive measures and continuous improvements. Also provide knowledge about the company´s environmental impact.

The working environment at Knäredssågen will be characterized by safety, job satisfaction and participation. The environmental work is today integrated in the daily operations. By constantly striving for improvements within both production technology as product selection and energy solutions we will gradually reduce the burden on the environment. Considered what is technically and economically possible.

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