High quality wood in short lengths Made in Knäred


The beginning of the Sawmill

Bernt Dyrebo former known as Andersson, did in the middle of the 1940´s buy land in Dyreborg where he builds and ran a small sawmill with 6-7 employees. The sawmill did only consist of a sawing bench with a circle blade, which was typical for the 1940´s, due to the great demands of SJ-slipers this became their main product.

An old photograph at the first sawmill of Knäredssågen

Closure and faith in the future

Dyrebo sold the sawmill in the beginning of the 1950´s to The Forestownersociety, however, because of unprofitability they had to shut down a couple of years later.

&Although, 1969 Bo Mårtensson from Veinge became the sawmills new owner, he changed the name to Knäredssågen and started to expand. He built bigger premises and new modern machines. His good business sense increased the profitability.

An old photograph at the first sawmill of Knäredssågen

The second generation takes over

After a couple of years Kjell Göstasson started as purchasers of raw materials. In 1981 his sons started to work there as well, Ingemar with the administration and Håkan with the production. In the early 1990's began construction of a brand-new sawmill.

Bo Mårtensson passed away the 20 of December 1998. Today the Sawmill is run by Ingemar and Håkan together with the third generation, and about 10 employees.

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